Why You Should Use Professional Translation Services For Birth Certificate Translation

There are plenty of reasons why you need to get your birth certificate translated by a professional.

A birth certificate is considered as proof of identity, along with various other personal documents like passports, driver’s licenses, etc. So, if you are undertaking something important that demands a birth certificate translation, you will have to take all of the precautions to ensure that your documents are in order and are translated accurately.

As always, the safest way of doing this is by using a professional birth certificate translation service that’ll meet all of your translation needs.

birth certificate translation

They Know How to Handle Your Personal Documents

Since birth certificates are legal documents which establish your identity, it is even more crucial that the translator take extra care while translating the document and ensure that the translation matches with the source text as closely as possible. Not doing so may increase the risk of rejection of the document and lead to delay in the government or academic process.

Typically, birth certificates should be translated in a format that consistently matches the original document so that it is easy for comparison. It must have all of the information which is there in the original one (including stamps and seals).

In addition to these requirements, the birth certificate translation must be certified. Certified translation requires a signed statement which verifies that the translator is proficient in both the source and the target languages and competent to translate the given document. If there is an error in the translated document, it can cause a delay in the process until it is cleared and the correct translation is provided.

They Have Knowledge of the Precise Terminology

The issue of differences between the dialects can come into play with the birth certificate. Differences in terms used between countries sharing the official language will frequently come up in the day to day circumstances. In the case of birth certificates, titles of officials and agencies might differ in a way which could possibly lead to confusion in the translated birth certificate.

Thus, a professional translation service has the experience of working with the differing terms in the languages, whereas a less experienced translator, may struggle with adapting the regional and country-specific terms in the target language.

Final Word

Professional translators have the ample experience required for birth certificate translation, and they are aware of all the specifics and know how they should be reflected in the translation. When you opt for a professional translation service, you can rest assured that your documents will be handled with extra care!

Get Professional Birth Certificate Translation on Language Oasis!

As people move from one country to another, they might run across a scenario when they will need birth certificate translation into another language. Your birth certificate is more than just a document validating your birth details. Birth certificate is often used as a legal record to prove your identity and get other significant documents. But the question arises, when would you need to translate your birth certificate?

Well, it is often a good step to translate your birth certificate if you are traveling to a country where the primary language is not the same as the language used in your birth certificate. Your birth certificate is legally required, if you are planning to immigrate. Usually, birth certificates must be translated in a way that completely matches the original document for making the comparison easy. The translated document must contain all the information that appears in the original document including the stamps and the seals. And apart from all these requirements, birth certificate translation must be certified and certified birth certificate translation requires a signed statement that the translator is capable in both the primary and target languages and proficient to translate the document. If there are any mistakes in the translated document, then a delay is certain in your legal process until a clear and correct translation is provided.

Where do you get the Best Birth Certificate Translation?

Certified birth certificate translation is offered by leading translation service companies like Language Oasis. Language Oasis is the best bet to go for when looking for a professional translation service. Language Oasis has extensive experience in translating birth certificates from different countries and is well-apprised of all the translation specifics, like language differences between regions and countries together with the fact as how they should be reflected in the translation required. Language Oasis is keen on hand-picking nonpareil of translators in more than 60 languages to make sure that work is done at its best.

For certified translations, Language Oasis charges a flat low rate of $27 per page with a page of maximum 250 words. However, for business translations, it charges $0.10 per word with a minimum of $20 if you place the order of less than 200 words.  Language Oasis is always available to answer any of your questions, whether via live chat on our website, email at support@languageoasis.com or phone at 888-670-3369.

The Need to Translate Your Birth Certificate

Birth certificate translations are extremely useful if you are traveling abroad. Isn’t it? Yes, a birth certificate is much more than just a document illustrating the details of your birth. As you might know, your birth certificate is often used as a legal record to prove your identity and get access to other relevant documents.

But exactly would you need to translate your birth certificate?

Well, it is quite a good idea to get your birth certificate translation if you are traveling to a country where the primary language is not the same language used in your birth certificate. And this is legally required; if at all you are planning to immigrate.

Instances You Need Your Birth Certificate

If you want to apply for licenses or some benefits in a different country, you might require translating your birth certificate before you reach the place. Birth certificates are often required for several purposes, including:

  • Enrollment in School
  • Applying for Driving License
  • Applying for Passport
  • Applying for Social Security Benefits in US

In addition to it, birth certificates are often required to get a marriage license. Many couples around the world wish to get married in another country, and having birth certificate translation from reputable companies before traveling will make your international ceremony go smooth.

So, whether you need birth certificate translation for school, a new job, or for any other purpose, we at Language Oasis will take care of you in any language. When getting your birth certificate translated with Language Oasis, you will relish peace of mind as our certified birth certificate translation is accepted by immigration authorities, embassies, universities, courts, etc. Language Oasis has already translated thousands of birth certificates and knows exactly what and how fast you need to have it. We do not have any extra charges or higher rates when you are in a rush and we do the notarization too. No matter where you are sitting, Language Oasis will gladly translate your birth certificate for you, simply online. Only certified translators translate your birth certificate- around the clock! Language Oasis makes it easy to translate your birth certificate and have it certified or notarized as per your requirements. Whatever it takes to provide you exceptional accuracy and best turnaround, our team at Language Oasis is always ready to get you exactly the thing you need.

Get Certified Translation of Your Birth Certificate Now!

Birth certificate translation is often needed for many personal, academic and professional reasons. They are extremely useful, particularly if you are traveling abroad. A birth certificate is much more than just a document that comes up with the details of your birth. As you might know, it is often used as a legal record to prove identity and get other important documents. Maybe you yearn to take your life in a whole new direction and go live and work abroad. Whether you are planning to immigrate, study abroad, or even looking to get married in some other country, a proper birth certificate translation is an essential step.

When Can You Need the Birth Certificate Translation?

A birth certificate translation is important for almost all the immigration translation needs. For instance, when applying for a visa or residency in some other country, you have to provide a copy of your birth certificate translated into that country’s official language.

Moreover, if you are planning of a dream wedding in another country, you might also need to have your birth certificate translated and submitted to the proper authorities to obtain the marriage license.

In addition to it, applying and enrolling in schools in another country often requires the submission of a translated birth certificate to the required authorities. Moreover, the birth certificates are also often used for:

  • Applying for driver’s license
  • Applying for a passport
  • Applying for social security benefits in US

Why Choose Language Oasis for your Birth Certificate Translation?

Certified translators at Language Oasis have successfully translated thousands of birth certificates. We, at Language Oasis support your need to get your birth certificate translated in almost 60 languages and this is why Language Oasis is your best bet for an accurate translation delivered speedily and affordably.

Our staffs of professional certified translators possess the extensive experience to complete your project on time and with a high degree of accuracy while our support staff is available to you every step of the way. When it comes to certified translations, Language Oasis charges a flat low rate of $27 per page and the translation services are rendered with no hidden fees. The translated document will be delivered to your email or posted in your account with Language Oasis in the PDF format.

Language Oasis is always available to answer any of your questions, whether via live chat on our website, email at support@languageoasis.com or phone at 888-670-3369.

5 Stastistical fun facts about the Spanish Language

What’s there on your bucket list?

A vacation to South America with your friends?

Or you want to read ‘Don Quixote’ entirely in Spanish?

If your answer to the above questions is yes, then Spanish is a must language for you in your life.


Spanish is a beautiful romance language which has a significant influence on global business and culture.

So, unravel the infographic phenomenal fun facts about the enthralling Spanish language and be amazed at what you were not aware of.

  • Today, Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the world with around 414 million speakers. However, English comes at the 3rd position with Mandarin language being at the acme with almost 1 billion speakers all across the world. Almost 31 countries have Spanish as their official language. Hence, almost 15.8% of countries have Spanish as their official lingo.
  • Brooding over the earnings, then you can earn around 125$/hour teaching Spanish in the United States of America. Well, that’s a handsome amount! Moreover, by the end of 2050 it is estimated that USA will become the largest Spanish speaking country with around 132.8 million Spanish speakers.
  • Who does not wants to be romantic and loving? Well, if you want to then Spanish might help you. Spanish is contemplated as one of the most romantic language on Earth. And, experts say that it takes almost 24 weeks i.e. 6 months to have a better command and proficiency in Spanish language. So, for those who have Spanish in their minds should start taking the language much seriously.
  • Antonio De Nebrija was the first person to publish Spanish grammar in the year 1492.But which came first? English or Spanish? Being the 2nd most studied language in the world, it has been estimated that within the 3 upcoming generations almost 10% of the world’s population would be able to communicate in Spanish.
  • In the last 15 years, Spanish language has witnessed a remarkable growth of 1312.4%. Well, that’s quite a staggering rate.
  • Spanish is the 3rd most used language on the internet. Well, here is a bonus fact for you all- Which country has maximum number of English speakers? Is it USA? No, it is not. For now, it is India.
  • Very few are aware of the fact that Spanish is the first democratic language. Before the 18th century, there was only one democratic language and that was the Spanish and hence it comes up with a different perspective.

Communicating in Spanish is a wonderful thing, as it can lead you to some of the magical countries all over the world. Not only it will sharpen your mind, but also you will get a chance to meet great people. So what’s the wait for? It is hoped that this infographic webcast brings a greater appreciation of the Spanish language in you.

Learn How To Converse In Spanish Before You Start Your Journey!

Spain is one of the world’s oldest cultures. Its rich culture has spread across many places and is also the birthplace of the Spanish language. It always better to learn the basics before you start the journey to find a new market for your product & services. Business Spanish translation may be helpful to you when you talk to your customers or sign agreements with them. So how do you learn the language?

language Oasis

Make It a Part of Life

If you want to learn this language, don’t do it in isolation make it a part of life. Learn Spanish as a new way to experience the everyday life. Here are some Spanish phrases that will help you strike a conversation:

1-What’s Your Name? ¿Cómo te llamas?

This simple phrase may help you strike a conversation when you are meeting someone for the first time. Just imagine using it when you are meeting a customer for the first time, and you are interested in knowing more about him, his business and how you can start a relationship.

2-Where Are You From? ¿De dónde eres?

This may be your next question. You may want to know where his birthplace was to get more insight into the country and the culture. You never know where it may lead.

3-What’s Your Favorite Restaurant? ¿Cuál es tu restaurante favorito?

If you want to meet someone in the favorite restaurant, you may use this phrase. People just love to talk about what they their favorite food is. If things go well, you might just be able to have the next chat at the restaurant where your new friend wanted to meet.

4-What Is Your Profession? ¿En qué trabajas?

Once you have started the conversations, you may ask your new friend about what it does. It is one question that opens the door for other opportunities to network. Very true if you belong to the same field and are interested in people of the similar industry.

5-What Did You Do This Weekend? ¿Qué hiciste este fin de semana?

Well now as your conversation proceeds you may ask one of these favorite Spanish questions. As you explore the conversation partner’s interest & hobbies, you’ll learn many things new about him or her.

In The End

Learning basics may help you strike a conversation, but for business reasons, it’s better to go for business Spanish translation from experts of Language Oasis. Call 888-670-3369 to get it now!

Do You Need To Translate Your Birth Certificate?

Have you ever wondered why a few companies offer birth certificate translation service? You must have asked yourself whether you need to get your birth certificate translated. Let us understand why birth certificate translation is important and whether you need it at all or not.

Take this as an instance, your birth certificate is in French, and you are moving to the United States. You will need your birth certificate on various occasions, and it is obviously not possible for US authorities to decipher it in French. What do you do?

Get it translated in English!

Here are a few scenarios when you need your birth certificate:

  • Enrolment in an institute or school:
  • While enrolling in any school or college, your application demands you to present your Birth Certificate along with other documents. Imagine if you are enrolling yourself in a foreign country where the official language is not what is used in your birth certificate. To avoid such situations, professional birth certificate translation comes to rescue.

  • Driver’s license application:
  • While applying for a driver’s license, it is important that you have a birth certificate in the official language of the state you are procuring the license in.

  • Passport application: 
  • You need your birth certificate while you apply for a passport.

  • Social security application: 
  • If you are in the US, applying for social security requires you to present your birth certificate in English.

  • Marriage license in the foreign country:
  • If you are planning to marry in a country outside yours, you might need a marriage license which requires your birth certificate along with other documents in the language of that country.

  • Immigration: 
  • All your immigration fillings will require your birth certificate, be it a visa application or permanently moving to another place. Having it translated helps you go over the process smoothly and efficiently.

Can you translate it yourself?

No matter how fluent you are in a particular language, translating birth certificates is a whole lot different task. Certificate translation requires professional help because you cannot risk your important documents to be misinterpreted. Your birth certificate is replete with tricky terminology and correct equivalent of the same in the other language is of prime importance. Our translators at Language Oasis are experienced in translating important documents precisely and accurately. Our birth certificate translation service is available at an affordable price offering translation to and from various languages.