Get Your Driving License Translated Within 24 Hours!

Looking for a certified translation of the driver’s license that you have? When it comes to driving in a foreign country and all your personal documents are in foreign language, you will require a driver’s license translation which is authentic and certified. Language Oasis can provide you an official translation of your driving license that is both certified and authentic.

Certified translators at Language Oasis have successfully translated thousands of driver’s licenses. No matter which of the 65 languages we support you require your license translated to or from, Language Oasis is your best bet for delivering you the accurate translation quickly and affordably.

There are many instances at which translation of driving license might seem problematic because the contents of the driving license vary from country to country. But with Language Oasis, you get accurate translation services in almost all international languages.

Why Choose Language Oasis?

Certified Translations

Get certified translations from Language Oasis, member of the ATA (American Translators Association) and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Language Oasis translations are guaranteed to be accepted anywhere in the world.

Any Language Translation

Language Oasis works with numerous professional translators from all across the globe and we cover around 65 languages in which the translation can be done easily.

Turnaround of 24 hours

We at Language Oasis are as fast as you can get. You can get your translation done and sent to you within 24 hour of time. However, if you need at the earliest let us know and you will receive it in 24 hours or less.

The Need of Certified Translation of Driving License

There are many reasons for getting a certified translation of your driving license and a few are as follows:

Applying for a job in abroad requires a driver’s license if you are including driving license in the application. If the driving license is in your native language, it needs to be translated.

If you are travelling abroad and think that you will be issued a temporary driver’s license, then it will only be possible if you show your driving license from your native place. 

You might have any other personal or special circumstance that might need your original driving license translated.

However, there are many more reasons why a person needs driver’s license translation. With Language Oasis, get a certified translation of your license for a flat fee of $27/page and an express turnaround of 24 hours. Please contact our Support Team at or by phone at 888-670-3369 to inquire about our Rush service.

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