Language Oasis Provides the Top-Notch Notary Translation Services

Notarization is a common requirement for translations when it is to be used for official purposes. A notarized translation is less about quality control and more about following the official procedures. A notary public is a person who is authorized by the government to assess and authenticate various legal formalities, one of them being the notarized translations. They are typically required for education-based documents like the high school transcripts and foreign diplomas.

What is a Notarized Translation?

So when it comes to notarized translations, you ought to choose the best notarization translation service. But how? You might find various notarized translation services, but look no further than Language Oasis. Language Oasis provides certified translation to meet the needs of all clients. And this is the reason, we at Language Oasis added notarization and shipping to our services for a nominal cost. Many people are often mistaken between certified translations and notarized translations and yes, they are not the same.

Certified translations mean that there should be a statement by the translator that the translation is accurate and correct. However, a translation is a notarized one when a notary public validates the identity of the person signing the certified translation.

We at Language Oasis believe that language is not a barrier but a powerful driving force provided that the translation is done by professional translators who are the native speakers of the target language. And this is the reason Language Oasis gives you all the right reasons to choose us over the rest. Language Oasis provides certified translation of different types of documents required by employers, government agencies, courts, and hospitals in the United States and abroad. 

If a customer requests notarization when placing an order with Language Oasis, then they would need their documents shipped. Language Oasis makes use of USPS Priority and express mail for shipping needs as we can track the documents and make sure that your documents are on time. If there is a priority mail, then it takes around 2-3 business days, but an express mail takes around 1-2 days.

But before processing notarization and shipping, Language Oasis sends a confirmation mail to the customer, requesting him/her too check the translation and make sure that he/she is satisfied with the translation. Once the confirmation is received, notarization and shipping request will be processed, and the customer will be mailed a tracking number to track their package. Language Oasis is always available to answer any of your questions, whether via live chat on our website, email at or phone at 888-670-3369.

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