3 Things That Makes Hiring Certified Professional for Legal Document Translation Crucial

There have various incidents in the past when companies have obtained disastrous results because of using non-certified, legal professionals for translation. Understanding some legal jargon can be challenging, especially if you have no background in law. So, there are professional legal translators who have experience in law, legal translation for them is minced meat.

Here are the three things that make hiring certified legal document translation services beneficial

Ensured Quality

One of the significant benefits of hiring experts for legal document translation is that you can be assured of its quality. Law as a subject is complex and therefore requires individuals who have enough knowledge to offer accurate legal translation. A legal translator communicates the technical and complex concepts from one language to another. One mistake that many people usually end up doing is considering their family or friends for such as they think it will be cheaper. But just because they grew up speaking English doesn’t mean that they’ll provide accurate translation for legal documents.

Culturally Correct

When it comes to translating legal content from one language to another, the context is critical. One major advantage that you’ll enjoy by hiring professional legal document translation services is that the translation will not just be of good quality but also culturally correct and accepted. The professional translator ensures that the translated content is in an easy-to-read & grammatically correct format that also makes sense as far as culture is concerned. Almost every language from one geographical location to another has little nuances. A professional legal translator readily recognizes and includes them in the complete translation.


Consistency is very crucial while translating a legal document from one language to another. This is mainly because they usually have a certain flow. One thing that you can be sure of while working with a professional translator is the consistency in their final output. Also, most of these translating agencies are professionally run. Therefore, they try to maintain consistency in order to protect their brand and thus, they will be courting you for future projects as well.


Hiring professional legal document translations services offers a lot more benefits than the ones mentioned above. They enable you to reach more customers; it potentially reduces your costs; they enable businesses to establish their offices and teams abroad; provides business with the opportunity to connect with the suppliers from across the world. Therefore it makes sense to use certified legal document translation services.

Driver’s License Translation- Why Do You needs it?


If you are planning to move or travel to another country, it is vital to understand the driving rules and regulations of that country before you go there so as to avoid encountering legal problems. When you know that you’ll be driving in a foreign country and your personal documents namely your driving license is written in a language which is not spoken in that country, you will have to get a certified driver’s license translation.

What Is a Certified Driving License Translation?

Certified/legal translation has become very important these days due to a lot of reasons such as international trade, the formation of political-economic blocks, tourism, and migration. In general, a certified translation is the official translation of a legal document or any other kind of document which requires legal acceptance, such as a driving license. In some countries like France, Spain, Netherlands, and some other nations, a driver’s license translation is considered to be officially certified if it has been translated, signed & sealed by a “certified translator.” However, this is not the case for the UK, US, and other countries. Here, translation is considered to be certified if it has been signed by the translator in the presence of notary or solicitor, provided the translator assumes all the responsibility for the accuracy of the document. If the document has not been correctly translated, it may lead to the translator being charged with negligence, perjury, or contempt of court. Other than this, it is also possible for the translator or translation service to certify the legal translation by stating their skills & expertise.

Why Do You Need Translation For Driving License?

Having a certified driver’s license translation might be helpful in renting a vehicle or identifying yourself in a foreign country. Whether you’re relocating to another country or travelling just for recreational or business purposes, you should understand the local driving laws of the country you’re visiting. You need to ensure that all your documents are updated and acceptable by the local authorities. The requirements may vary from country to country. If in case you don’t have the proper documentation in the situation of an auto accident or traffic stop, your vehicle can be impounded, and you may face hefty fines or get arrested.

Given that if you’re planning to live in a foreign country for an extended period, you might even have to acquire a driver’s license in that nation. When this occurs, you’ll have to be in a position to prove your identity and that you’re qualified to have a license. In almost all the situations, you will have to present a certified driving license translation and other official documents.

Why Do You Need Professional License Translation Service?

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License is considered as a legal document. It is a sensitive document, and because of its nature, the translation of a license requires highly-specialized translation skills. There are instances where you will need a professional license translation service. This is usually required as part of a legal process or paperwork. The best example of this is during immigration application, where applicants are mandated to submit licenses such as marriage license, driver license, certificates, etc. as proof of their identity. The same is true while applying for schools or universities abroad. Oftentimes, translated certificates and licenses are needed from the applicants.

Here we will be talking about why you need professional drivers license translation.

To Navigate the World Safely

If you are planning to visit a foreign country or work for an international company where you will be driving as well, then it is vital to ensure that you navigate the streets safely and most of all you are legal to drive. For legal documents such as a driver’s license, you will need more than just linguistic expertise. A driver’s license translation services can put your minds at ease, knowing that you’re authorized to drive any vehicle.

It is a must that your drivers license translation is done by a translator who is proficient in both the source and the target languages. The linguist who is assigned to this task must possess vast knowledge in terminologies and nuances that are involved in driver license translation.

Therefore, a professional driver license translation service converts your driver’s license into an eligible document which is accepted not only in your home country but also internationally.

To Meet the Rigorous Standards of the Authorities

Licenses are the legal documents that have passed the meticulous standards of the concerned authorities. And they are taken with great importance. When it comes to driver’s license translation, you will only want expert professionals to do the translation from one language to another. As an incorrect word translation can cause you so much time & money. For all things about drivers license translation services, you should only trust the translation companies with proven experience and expertise. Never settle for anything less as this is crucial to your endeavors.

This is not just about the driver’s license translation but also about the other license as well. If you’re a teacher who wants to teach abroad, then you will need a teaching certificate in the native language of the country that you’re applying for. The same is true for other professions as well, and therefore you can’t just get the translation done by anyone but the professional license translation services.

3 Important Things You Should Know About Power Of Attorney

Power of attorney is a powerful document which gives another person the ability to act on someone’s behalf in reference to all financial and medical matters. The person who creates Power of Attorney is known as ‘principal, ’ and the person who is appointed to act for the principal is called ‘attorney-in-fact.’

Here are three important facts you should know about Powers of Attorney.

certified translation


Power of attorney document is not like all other docs. There are powers of attorney limited to healthcare, some are limited to financial or property matters. Some are limited to a specific period, and some even are no longer valid once you become incapacitates. Broadly a power of attorney can be classified into springing and non-springing. A ‘non-springing’ power of attorney is one that is put into effect immediately. A ‘springing’ power of attorney means the attorney-in-fact has no authority to act under the document until a particular event occurs. A springing Power of Attorney is a good way to make sure that attorney-in-fact doesn’t misuse the document.

More than one attorney

A power of attorney may appoint more than one attorney. When someone is proposed for Power of Attorney, it is a great responsibility, and in some cases, it makes sense to name co-attorneys.  However, it is not always a wise idea. Several times, in order to remain fair with all, parents appoint all of their children to serve as co-agents. In such condition, they all need to sign documents which may make slowing down of important matters. Besides, multiple agents need to get along and cooperate with each other. So, it is always advisable to choose one child to serve and reserve another for a backup.

Power to act

Appointing someone to act on your behalf doesn’t mean that you don’t have power to act on your behalf. Even after assigning Power of Attorney, you have the capacity to take your own decisions. A Power of Attorney doesn’t remove a donor from taking action, it just authorizes someone else to act under his/her limitations you have placed.

Conclusion – The translation of a power of attorney is tricky for its structure they are written. However, our proficient translators work on documents to make sure that even minute details are translated accurately. If you have any Power of Attorney document to translate, you can trust on our power of attorney translation service. For any query, please contact us at 888-670-3369.

Seven Simple Legal Terms You Should Know

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Whenever you meet a lawyer, what is the most striking thing you find? Of course, it is their language which remains full of complex legal words/terms. For lawyers, it is a common thing, however, for a common human who has no relation to lawsuits, it gets quite difficult to comprehend the meaning of those terms.

Being an informed citizen, you must know at least the basics.

In this post, let’s learn the meaning of some common legal terms.

A defendant is a person/entity accused of a crime in criminal prosecution and defends himself/herself in a law suit. In some states, the defendant is also called the respondent, which means the personal responding to the appeal.

Cause of action
A cause of action is a set of elements enough to justify a right to sue. This term also refers to the legal theory upon which a suit is filed. There are several reasons for which a plaintiff files a suit. A cause of action is divided into various elements which must be proved in order to win the case.

No, it is not the normal damage that you are getting here. In legal world, damage refers to the amount of money a client recovers or in other words, compensation a plaintiff is offered with in a lawsuit. Damage has been further categorized into various types like economic damage like lost profit or special damage like ambulance charges.

Sounds something serious, doesn’t it? And indeed, the meaning of this legal word is serious. Felony refers to a crime sufficiently serious to be punishable by death or prison of a minimum one year in state or federal prison. Felonies are sometimes also referred to as ‘high crimes’ (U.S. Constitution). Usually, crimes like arson, rape, murder, kidnapping, fraud are included in felony.

A docket refers to the following things in judiciary system:

  • The way a court keeps record of a case.
  • List of cases on a court calendar.
  • Trial list.
  • Brief notes (written by the court clerk) stating the court action of a the day.
  • Name of the case that has to be listed for trial.

It is your liability to understand the meaning of this term. One of the often used terms, liability, means the responsibility of the defendant for the damages/injuries suffered by the opponent. In simple words, liability is the legal responsibility for one’s acts.

Negligence is a failure to exercise the reasonable care that results in harming another party. There are two types of negligence – 1) A person does something/take action which a reasonable person would not do. 2) A person fails to take actions that a reasonable person would take to prevent the harm/crime. The most common example of negligence is harsh driving.

Got a critical legal document you can’t understand? Get it translated in your language with Language Oasis. We offer quality legal document translation services to make sure your legal processes run smoothly without the language barriers. For any assistance in translation of any type of document, call us at 888-670-3369.