Why Is It Important to Hire Professional Afrikaans Translators?

People often think that if you are familiar with two languages, then translating should just be a piece of cake. But practically it’s not true. And if you rely on a machine translation, then you’re in for an even bigger surprise, especially if that language is Afrikaans.

Although a range of translation software is available, unfortunately, these programs are totally useless when it comes to professional Afrikaans translation. Translation like is an art that requires an experienced native translator who truly has knowledge and understanding of the context & unique expressions used in Afrikaans. This is the reason using the services of professional Afrikaans Translator is important. Let’s find out why you should use professional translators when it comes to translating in Afrikaans.

The Direct Translation of Afrikaans Idioms & Expressions Doesn’t Really Work

Afrikaans is rich with idioms & expressions that can only be understood by the native speakers. That’s why a word-to-word translation can often be downright hilarious. For instance, a phrase might be translated as “don’t shake the chicken,” which basically means “don’t overdo it.” And there is an expression- ja-nee (yes-no)- what does it mean- Is it yes, is it no, or is it maybe? This expression simply means you agree. So, the point is when a language which is filled with such idioms & expressions then direct translation just doesn’t work for them.

This is where a professional Afrikaans translator can understand the meaning and translate these idioms, phrases and expressions accurately.

Afrikaans Is a Young & A Vibrant Language

Afrikaans as a language is a relatively young and ever-evolving with its roots firmly planted in the Dutch language. It has a sprinkling of influence from the other European languages and has taken a large number of words & idioms from the indigenous African languages for extra spice.

With new words being added to Afrikaans almost daily, it takes a professional Afrikaans translator who lives this language to deliver a smooth, natural-sounding Afrikaans translation. This is something that a machine or an inexperienced translator can’t do.

The Various Dialects of Afrikaans Often Leave In a Quandary

Afrikaans as a language contains at least ten dialects-The standard dialects is used mainly in the interior parts of the country, but if you go further south you’ll encounter a number of dialects that, on the face of them, bear very little resemblance to the Afrikaans. There is Cape Malay Afrikaans that is peppered with words borrowed from Arabic & Malay. Then there is colourful Western Cape dialect, which contains more of English words & a big dose of humour.

With so many dialects, it can be quite challenging for a non-professional person to translate them. Thus, you need a really skilled Afrikaans translator who can professionally translate from these dialects.


Therefore, by hiring the services of highly experienced & proficient Afrikaans translators, you’ll be able to overcome all these challenges, and they will help you to communicate professionally with your global audience.

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