Things You Should Know About Using Certified Translation Service

There can be a lot of reasons why one must seek the help of certified translation services. Whether you’re trying to bridge a communication gap between two or more people or organizations, or you need the translation of a document, a certified translation service can prove to be invaluable during those times.

Most of the people don’t even know that these services also exist or how to use them. However, understanding the benefits of certified language translation and figuring out if this is something that you need to work with, that can provide you with a way of bridging any and every communication gap.

Using Certified Translation Services

One of the primary reasons for using these services is because you need a document translated. Often, translation services have various expert translators who have knowledge and experience of working in different languages. So, if you want to translate from English or another language to a particular language or vice-versa, a translator is efficient enough to work as per your requirements.

Thus, when you use a certified translation service, you get the document which is signed and dated by the translator through a notary public which shows that the document has been translated correctly.

Benefits of Using Translation Services

There are a lot of advantages that come with using these language translation services. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of working with a certified language translator:

  • A translation service helps your business in communicating with international clients and other businesses, as they help you in crossing the language barrier.
  • They provide you with an accurate translation of the document that you have given to your translator without taking much time.
  • They help in bringing the diverse groups of individuals and businesses together, creating a better bond and helps in opening up the lines of communication that were otherwise closed because of the language barriers.
  • They are capable of handling large work volumes as compared to having one person to work with. This makes these services valuable to the organizations that have lots of paperwork and documents that need to be translated.
  • When you use these services, they help you in saving a significant amount of time and money. This comes as a great advantage when you want to cut down the costs that may come with translation.
  • You get to learn more about different cultures and it allow you to bridge the gaps which might have been there earlier and open-up to the communication differences that come between companies.
  • They help you with growing and expanding your business in the international market, which is not possible without an experienced certified language translation, which has knowledge about the cultures of and language differences of both the countries.

Why You Should Use Professional Translation Services For Birth Certificate Translation

There are plenty of reasons why you need to get your birth certificate translated by a professional.

A birth certificate is considered as proof of identity, along with various other personal documents like passports, driver’s licenses, etc. So, if you are undertaking something important that demands a birth certificate translation, you will have to take all of the precautions to ensure that your documents are in order and are translated accurately.

As always, the safest way of doing this is by using a professional birth certificate translation service that’ll meet all of your translation needs.

birth certificate translation

They Know How to Handle Your Personal Documents

Since birth certificates are legal documents which establish your identity, it is even more crucial that the translator take extra care while translating the document and ensure that the translation matches with the source text as closely as possible. Not doing so may increase the risk of rejection of the document and lead to delay in the government or academic process.

Typically, birth certificates should be translated in a format that consistently matches the original document so that it is easy for comparison. It must have all of the information which is there in the original one (including stamps and seals).

In addition to these requirements, the birth certificate translation must be certified. Certified translation requires a signed statement which verifies that the translator is proficient in both the source and the target languages and competent to translate the given document. If there is an error in the translated document, it can cause a delay in the process until it is cleared and the correct translation is provided.

They Have Knowledge of the Precise Terminology

The issue of differences between the dialects can come into play with the birth certificate. Differences in terms used between countries sharing the official language will frequently come up in the day to day circumstances. In the case of birth certificates, titles of officials and agencies might differ in a way which could possibly lead to confusion in the translated birth certificate.

Thus, a professional translation service has the experience of working with the differing terms in the languages, whereas a less experienced translator, may struggle with adapting the regional and country-specific terms in the target language.

Final Word

Professional translators have the ample experience required for birth certificate translation, and they are aware of all the specifics and know how they should be reflected in the translation. When you opt for a professional translation service, you can rest assured that your documents will be handled with extra care!

Why Do You Need your License Translated from Afrikaans?

Language translation is one of the most crucial services required by individuals and businesses alike. In the era of globalization where swift and clear communication is of mission critical essence, a Language translation service can save you a great deal of time and cost. However, it is not just the businesses that require professional translation services. Individuals, especially the ones traveling abroad permanently or temporarily, need them too!

In this post, we will focus on Afrikaans Translator services for licenses, certificates, etc. and tell you the crucial reasons behind its demand.

Traveling Abroad

If you are going on a foreign trip as a tourist for a limited time, then you might probably not need an Afrikaans Translator. However, if you are planning to move to Asia, Europe, America, etc. for work or residence, then an Afrikaans Translator will be a must. When you are moving to another country for work, you will need to translate all your licenses like Driver’s license, License of professional practice, etc. into the regional/national language. This comes as mandatory for many countries and optional for some. However, making your licenses easily interpretable will make things easier for you in a foreign land.

Easy ID Proof Interpretation

Traveling to a foreign land demands that all your documents be in proper order. Especially, if you are an immigrant, your ID Proof documents are of critical essence. Translating your Driver’s license, professional license and certificates of eligibility via an Afrikaans Translator will help in easy interpretation of your identity. Not only will this help you out at the customs and immigration department, but also work to your advantage during your residence/working hours.

Compliance Calls for it!

While many countries don’t make it compulsory to get all your licenses and certificates translated from Afrikaans, in others it is a matter of regulation. Many European nations have made it mandatory for such translation. Thus, an Afrikaans Translator will be highly useful here!

Getting a Job

You will probably end up looking for a job whether you are an immigrant or a backpacker embarked on a worldwide journey. Afrikaans translator will translate your driving license and other licenses into a certified regional language document. You can then easily accept job offers and work.

Keep the above reasons in mind and hire a professional Afrikaans translator today!

Why Do You Need Professional Chinese Translation Now?

Translation services are the driving forces behind the globalization. In the era of free trade, Internet commerce, online media sharing, Social media and rising awareness amongst people from all the parts of the world, sticking to a single language is no longer an option. Chinese language, or Mandarin, to say, is one of the most widespread languages in the world. Businesses often require translation services to enable clear communication between their stakeholders.

If you have been thinking about availing Professional Chinese Translation Services, then think no more! Here are the reasons why you need to avail Professional Chinese Translation Services now;

Chinese Business is Leading the Globe

Believe it or not, but the Chinese commerce is driving a monumental wave of trade opportunities for every country, big or small. Developed and developing countries are engaged in trade with Chinese entities and often find language to be a big barrier to carry out business activities smoothly. This is where the power of Professional Chinese Translation comes into play. An experienced translation service like the Language Oasis can make your business activities much more seamless as far as the communication processes are involved.

Lack of Reliable Chinese Translators

While freelancing is a trend in the modern gig economy, there are many Freelance translators available at your disposal. However, when the time of peak performance rounds near and you need reliable delivery of translation services, the freelancers are nowhere to be found. Professional Chinese Translation services come into the picture at this point. Not only they are dedicated to translate your Documents, Media, Real-time conversations, emails, etc., they are solid on business ethics as well. Availing Professional Chinese Translation services will bring to you an excellent experience, time-saving, and value for investment.

Poor Print Translation by the Chinese

This, again, is not a hidden fact that print translation of the Chinese language into English themselves is below average. Instruction manuals, warnings, media, etc. that comes with the Chinese products is often written in confusing English translation. This is where the Professional Chinese Translation services can help you. Professional translators can figure out the exact communication behind the Mandarin and forward it to your business, avoiding any big time confusion.

Go ahead and avail Professional Chinese Translation services now to reap the benefits of seamless business and personal communication!  

Why Do You Need Notary Translation Services Now?

If you have ever gotten into a need of translating a document from any language, you might have come across two types of translations- Certified Translation and Notary Translation. If you’ve opted either of them, you’ll have noticed the significance of a translations service. While both the types of translation services are crucial, it is the Notary translation services that are widely used for various legal, regulatory, personal, and bank proceedings across the globe. If you are not sure what Notary translation services are and why you need it now, then this blog is meant for you! Take a look below.

What is the Difference between Notary & Certified Translation?

Certified Translation involves the written statement of the language translator stating that the translation is accurate and correct, and has been reviewed by the signing authority. Certified translation is used when the ‘translation accuracy’ is of essence. For example, Legal documents, medical transcriptions, interviews, announcements, etc.

On the other hand, Notary Translation Services involves a Notary public to sign-off the translation after verifying the identity of the translator. This type of translation is the most common one, and is employed in the cases where linguistic accuracy is not of concern. For example, High school certificates, application letters, etc.

Process of Notarized Translation

  • The document is translated by the translator for the sake of formal acceptance by an authority/institution.
  • The notary public asks the translator to swear on the accuracy of the work and verifies his identity.
  • The translator signs an affidavit with the official seal and sign of the Notary public. Keep in mind that the notary public does not check the quality of the translation itself.
  • The translated document along with Notary note is handed over to the individual (Client).

Why Do You Need Notary Translation Services?

Notary Translation services are often availed by people and organisations as a part of legal formality. Notary translation is required mostly in the cases of immigration, legal proceedings if the language difference persists, etc. Professional translation services are known to undertake quality notary translation work for a nominal fee. For example, Language Oasis provides Notary and Certified services on demand.

If you are looking for Notary translation services, get started now!

Reasons You Need Mexican Translation Service Now!

Mexican Translation service is the first thing you will need if you are travelling to/from Mexico, indulging in business with any Mexican entity, migrating to/from Mexico or simply for any other purpose. Whether it is your license, certificates, reports, scripts, etc. the professional Mexican translation service will definitely give you numerous benefits. Take a look at the following reasons as to why you need Mexican Translation now!

Professional & Diligent

Hiring a professional company will ensure that you get the high quality and diligent Mexican translation. You might be looking out to the freelancers for the same, but compromising on the quality of the work wouldn’t really work. A professional Mexican Translation service will ensure that your expectations are met with consistency.

Save Time

Relying on freelancers or unrecognised translation services might prove to be futile simply because of the lack of professionalism If you want to get a document translated from Mexican or to Mexican, then Professional Mexican Translation service like the one provided by Language Oasis will be highly effective. Besides quality work, you get to save a lot of time and effort that can be used for other productive activities.

Transparency in Work!

Needless to say that the companies committed to work professionally and those who believe in mutual growth will always advocate the transparency in work. For example, Language Oasis provides best-in class Mexican translation with the least turn-around time. One USP of such services is the transparency and clear communication with the clients and customers at every stage of the project.

Expertise and Confidentiality

You can keep the peace of mind for better purposes as the professional Mexican translation services bring to you unparalleled confidentiality. Moreover, expert linguists handle all the projects to maintain high-quality standards. In fact, highly trained linguists can even provide you additional insights into the subject matter.

To handle your Mexican communication needs effectively via-a-via cost and time, opting for the cutting edge Mexican translation service will prove to be a great investment. Try it now to see it for yourself!

Business Document Translation: Something more than just a Translation!

Ensuring that official documents are accurately translated is indispensable for international business. So skimping this can have serious reverberations that can eventually ruin your reputation and brand.

What Kind of Document Translation Services you need for your Business?

Well, the kind of document translation service you need will largely depend on the nature of your business. These include wide range of documentation, including:

  • Financial Documents
  • Business Documents
  • Marketing Materials
  • Brochures
  • Manuals
  • Reports
  • Data Sheets
  • Correspondence
  • Product Descriptions
  • Catalogues

And there is also an increasing demand for translating:

  • Software UIs
  • Website Content
  • Software Applications

Today, you can find computer translations all around, however, without proofreading by someone fluent in the target language, errors can soon be discernible. But this mistake of computer translations is often caused by businesses trying to economize and save money. The main problem with computer translations is that they usually fail to identify the personal differences in writing styles and expressions, simply changing one word into another. Additionally, there are some words and phrases that can’t be translated directly into other languages, and hence the whole sentence or phrase needs to be restructured in order to make sense. And actually some idioms cannot be translated across different languages; hence more appropriate use of words is very important. Eventually, this is the sort of thing that document translation services offer businesses.

Moreover, the longer the document more will be the mistakes that are likely to occur. For instance, with a small one-page document, you can easily translate and edit relatively quickly. But, when it comes to longer documents, you are more likely to make mistakes because of loss of concentration.

So, if you are looking to translate your business documents in another language, it is advisable to consider highly skilled professional translators. Make sure that the company you choose should have a pool of linguistic professionals’ proficient enough to provide top-notch translation services from small to multinational companies. And to get the best team working for you, it is crucial that you do your proper research.


If translation is not carried out the right way, it can prove to be a big problem for your business. Accuracy and quality is must, and this is why it becomes significant to hire professional document translation services. Because only specialized and professional document translation service can help you achieve what you actually need when it comes to choosing translation services.

Get Professional Birth Certificate Translation on Language Oasis!

As people move from one country to another, they might run across a scenario when they will need birth certificate translation into another language. Your birth certificate is more than just a document validating your birth details. Birth certificate is often used as a legal record to prove your identity and get other significant documents. But the question arises, when would you need to translate your birth certificate?

Well, it is often a good step to translate your birth certificate if you are traveling to a country where the primary language is not the same as the language used in your birth certificate. Your birth certificate is legally required, if you are planning to immigrate. Usually, birth certificates must be translated in a way that completely matches the original document for making the comparison easy. The translated document must contain all the information that appears in the original document including the stamps and the seals. And apart from all these requirements, birth certificate translation must be certified and certified birth certificate translation requires a signed statement that the translator is capable in both the primary and target languages and proficient to translate the document. If there are any mistakes in the translated document, then a delay is certain in your legal process until a clear and correct translation is provided.

Where do you get the Best Birth Certificate Translation?

Certified birth certificate translation is offered by leading translation service companies like Language Oasis. Language Oasis is the best bet to go for when looking for a professional translation service. Language Oasis has extensive experience in translating birth certificates from different countries and is well-apprised of all the translation specifics, like language differences between regions and countries together with the fact as how they should be reflected in the translation required. Language Oasis is keen on hand-picking nonpareil of translators in more than 60 languages to make sure that work is done at its best.

For certified translations, Language Oasis charges a flat low rate of $27 per page with a page of maximum 250 words. However, for business translations, it charges $0.10 per word with a minimum of $20 if you place the order of less than 200 words.  Language Oasis is always available to answer any of your questions, whether via live chat on our website, email at or phone at 888-670-3369.

Language Oasis: Top Notch Certified Language Translation Service!

Today, the increasing demand for certified language translation services is growing at a rapid pace. And this is because when business enters the international market, then document translation, website and other content becomes imperative to influence customer’s buying decisions. With the advent of technologies, it has become quite easier for businesses to work with people all across the world. So if you wish that your business reaches out to its target audience worldwide, hiring certified language translation services is essential.

Quality Translation is the Need of Hour

There is no doubt that quality is the basic root of any business and unless you are not providing quality to your business, why would customers buy your products and services? Of course, not!

There are various ways through which you can make good use of translation services. Firstly, if you are targeting a foreign market, you should be able to understand the market requirements and convey your vision in a crystal-clear form. And, till the time you do not possess experienced certified language translation service, things are not going to work out your way.

Importance of Certified Language Translation Services

A certified language translation requires the original document and interpretation of the document accompanied by a signatory statement from the translator typifying that the translation is complete and accurate. And depending on the country and the purpose, you may or may not require a notary public to notarize it.

This authorized translation is usually created by the best suited and most experienced translators. The entire translation work goes through a complicated process to make sure that the translation is accurate and in the same format and matching to the original content before it gets certified. In majority of cases, it is much better than the accredited translation service provider instead of an independent translator.

Why Choose Language Oasis for Certified Language Translation?

We at Language Oasis are keen on hand-picking elite of translators in more than 60 languages to make sure that work is done at its best. Language Oasis provides certified translation of different types of documents including:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Adoption Certificate
  • Medical Records
  • Bank Statements
  • Power of Attorney
  • Adoption Certificate

For certified translations, Language Oasis charges a reasonable rate of $27/page with a maximum of 250 words. However, for business translations, we charge $0.10 per word. In both the scenarios, there is no hidden fee as such. Language Oasis is always available to answer any of your questions, whether via live chat on our website, email at or phone at 888-670-3369.

5 Things to Expect from Professional Translation Services

What should you look for in professional language translation services? Well, when dealing with written translation for important documents, it is very important that the service you choose provide you the utmost quality and accuracy. The increasing demand for interpreters and translators can be evidenced by the considerable growth of the language services industry.

So let us go through the essential tips to help you choose a professional language translation service that ensures accuracy and quality:

Qualified Translators

Language translation is a highly specialized field and translators must be well-experienced and qualified. Though many people are of the opinion that interpreters and translators perform the same functions, but written translation requires expertise and skills than oral interpretation. There are many interpreters who are not even qualified to provide accurate translations and vice versa.

Quality Control for Translation Projects

It is very important to make sure that all the written translations go through a proper quality control process in order to ensure accuracy for your project. Obviously, you would not want a company that outsources work and doesn’t offer in-house control. The process of quality control should comprise of multi levels of editing and proofreading.

Human Translations

There are many companies that offer machine translation or even a mix of machine and human translations. But the reality is human translation comes with highest level of accuracy and should always be used for important documents. As a qualified translator understands the idioms and grammar, the translator is able to use discretion for the most reliable and effective translation.

Timely and Efficient Translation Services

The delivery time is of utmost importance when it comes to human translation services and is determined by the scope of project, size, content and specific formatting needs. Make sure that the translation service you choose that guarantees timely and accurate written translations.

Comprehensive Language Service Options

There are times when documents might need to be translated into not just one target language, but multiple target languages. A professional language translation company should have all the resources in order to provide quality translations that meet the needs of the client.

So, if you need professional language translation services, look for a company that provides qualified and experienced translators. Therefore in conclusion, make sure you choose the right translation company- the real experts!