Looking for Notarized Translation Services? Language Oasis Excels in It!

Notarization is a common requirement for translations that are usually used for official purposes. So when it comes to notarized translation services, you need to understand the thrust of getting the best providers of such services. With language Oasis, you have the possibility of getting help from a translation company which has an extensive experience in the industry and has the resources to come up with quick, yet high quality translation services together with notarization where required at the lowest rates.

When to Use Notarized Translation?

A notary public is sanctioned by the government in order to authenticate and oversee various legal formalities, which comprises of notarized translations. Such notarized documents are often needed by some schools when required to submit the documents such as high school transcripts and foreign diplomas.

In case of notarized translations, quality of the translation is not an issue. However, it is more about fulfilling the formal requirements of an institution. Basically, a professional translator can present the translated document to a notary public, who will further ask the translator to swear an oath on the accuracy of the translation. Later, the translator is asked to sign an affidavit, which must have the official seal and signature of the notary public before it is considered valid. The notary public is more concerned about the translator’s identity rather than the quality of the translation.

Why Choose Language Oasis?

Language Oasis is one of the most trusted sources for online notary translation services. The staff of professional certified translators at Language Oasis has the experience to complete your project on time with a high degree of accuracy and also our support staff is available to you on every step of the way.

Before the processing of notarization and shipping from Language Oasis, a confirmation mail is sent to the customer, requesting the customer to check the translation and ensure that the customer is satisfied with the service. Language Oasis takes pride in its after-services, and the reply with an email confirming that everything is good to go. Once we receive the confirmation, the shipping and notarization request will be processes, and the customer will get a tracking number via mail so that the customer can easily track his/her package. Language Oasis is always available to answer any of your questions, whether via live chat on our website, email at support@languageoasis.com or phone at 888-670-3369.

Looking for Power of Attorney Translation? Consider Language Oasis

What is a Power of Attorney? Basically, Power of Attorney is an authorization that is used to represent another person especially when it is about business, private affairs, and legal issues. A power of attorney is made when there is an agent and a principal, donor or grantor. The person who is authorized to act is the agent or representative, or in some common law jurisdictions, the attorney.

Power of attorney translation can be tricky and complicated due to the structure in which power of attorneys are written. And at Language Oasis, the translation powers of attorney is rather a piece of cake as our skilled translators, specialized in legal matters, will work on your documents in order to make sure that every single word is translated to an extent that the translated power of attorney appears to be the original content.

Why You Need Certified Translation of Power of Attorney?

In today’s modern world, we all need the ability to manage finances, settle claims and to get engaged in business interests. But, all these activities can be hindered by a single document that is written in a foreign language. Hence, translation is the only way you can change the required document to the preferred language.

Legal documents require a high degree of expertise while translating, and we at Language Oasis excel in providing the power of attorney translation services. There may be many online platforms that provide this service for free, but it is crucial to note that such platforms might miss out or even change the meaning of a particular document which might further lead to legal implications of forgery.

Hence it is advisable to hire the services of accredited translators of Language Oasis to avoid expensive risks. Our experts will make sure that your document maintains its relevance even after the translation and constantly scans the documents to augment the accuracy of the translation. Throughout our years of working in the translation industry, we at Language Oasis have learned and evolved.  We work closely with our clients to make sure that their power of attorney translation is delivered on time.  Moreover, our claim of 24-hour turnaround for documents of 1-3 pages applies to the translation of power of attorneys and you can get your power of attorney translation done for a low cost of $27 per page of 250 words.

If you require urgent translation and need your translation expedited, please contact our Support Team at support@languageoasis.com or by phone at 888-670-3369 to inquire about our Rush service.

Language Oasis: Stop Here for Top-Notch Portuguese Translation Services

Portuguese is a language that comes with substantial regional differences, so it is of immense importance that all translations are targeted specifically to the market and industry in question. A translation done for Brazil will not be apt for Europe, and vice versa. Language Oasis has been providing accurate and culturally sensitive Portuguese translation services for more than three decades.

At Language Oasis, a high-quality Portuguese translation is produced by a team of highly skilled professional translators, with proven translation experience in specialized fields and across a wide range of sectors. All of our translators are the native speakers of the target language, with academic qualifications in Portuguese interpretation and translation. Hence, our Portuguese translation services are capable of handling any document that needs to be localized into or from the Portuguese language. We, at Language Oasis operate a simple, transparent and fair pricing policy for all our potential clients without any hidden cost of premium.

Why Trust Language Oasis with your Portuguese Translation?

Language Oasis is esteemed to be a member of the august American Translators Association (ATA), and to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). With an upswing in online scams, Language Oasis is keen to augment the credibility and quality of its services by joining the above two respected entities.

 Each member of the Language Oasis Portuguese team has been tested to ensure their skills are up to the benchmark and quality of services that we offer. Moreover, our Portuguese translators work only with their native variety, as spelling, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation are quite different.The certified Portuguese translation services from Language Oasis offer a quick turnaround for your marriage, birth, passports and academic certificates at very competitive rates. Language Oasis provides all certification levels depending on your particular requirements, right from statements of truth to notarizations and also documents for legal use abroad.

Therefore, for exceptional Portuguese translation services look no further than Language Oasis. Language Oasis draws from a network of over thousands of certified linguists who excel in providing the top-notch Portuguese translation services on time and in your budget.

If you got any more questions, you can call 888-670-3369, and one of our Support team members will be more than glad to assist you. Our knowledgeable Support team can also be reached via email at support@languageoasis.com, or via LIVE chat on our website: www.languageoasis.com.

Language Oasis: Uniting the World with No Language Barrier!

To ensure good communication and equal access, we at Language Oasis offer translation and interpretation services for people using, or likely to use, our services whose first language is not English. Translation and interpretation services can be provided not only for people whose first language is English, but also for people who are blind or partially sighted, and someone who have their hearing impaired. It is quintessential to us that all people should have equal access to our services, and receive consistent care throughout their time with us. A considerable part of this is making sure that the services provided by us are appropriate and accessible to all who use our services including those even from vulnerable or diverse communities.

Language is the only means that can unite the world and it should not be a barrier that divides our world. Language Oasis provides high quality interpretation services in order to allow uninterrupted flow of ideas, conversations across borders without nay hassles. Whether you are planning for a multilingual event or looking to organize a grand multicultural program with nationalities of different countries as representatives, you must have language translation and interpretation services by Language Oasis.

We at Language Oasis offer not only high quality interpretation services, but also provide 24*7 support that helps in smooth running of your large scale event.

At Language Oasis, we understand the significance of accurate translation and what could happen if even a single word is misinterpreted or translated. Our proficient team of competent translators work diligently to deliver error frees language translation and interpretation services. Our translators never use translation software in order to make sure that the message is correctly rendered into another language. It is professionalism and expertise on what our translators rely on. Hence, the translated text appears to be the original one.

Language Oasis is an online translation company that offers certified and non0certified translations in various fields and for different walks of life including medical, legal, technical, scientific, financial, banking, academic, advertising, contracts, certificates and many more.

If you got any more questions, you can call 888-670-3369, and one of our Support team members will be more than glad to assist you. Our knowledgeable Support team can also be reached via email at support@languageoasis.com, or via LIVE chat on our website: www.languageoasis.com.

How ‘Translation’ Came Into Picture?

Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture. – Anthony Burgess

Have you ever wondered how translation came into the picture?

Before spoken words were discovered, human used to communicate through signs, symbols, gestures, and basic sound. Gradually, these sounds evolved into a complex pattern of vocal expression. The language grew and developed and became an invaluable part of any culture. Over time, people started to spread out and travel distant lands. When people from different countries, continents, area or culture started to interact with each other, the need for translation arose.

Early works

Earlier, documents were translated by hand. The process was performed by expert individuals with good bilingual abilities. They would spend months, and sometimes even years to translate a document word-for-word.

Translation of Sumerian epic Gilgamesh into Asian languages is believed to be the first known translation works. Later Buddhist monks translated Indian Sutras into Chinese.

Religious texts

It is not an exaggeration to say that religious texts pioneered the translation works. The first major translation work in the history is – translation of Hebrew Bible into Greek in the 3rd century BCE. Jews, who have dispersed all over the world, has forgotten Hebrew, their ancestral language, and needed the Bible to be translated into Greek in order to read it. This mega translation project is popularly known as ‘Septuagint’ – a name that refers to seventy translators who were commission to perform this task. Later, the Septuagint became the source text for many translation works of the Bible into multiple languages – Latin, Armenian, Georgian, Coptic, etc. No wonder why, the Bible is the most translated book in the world.

Further development

The invention of the printing machine in the fifteenth century played a significant role in the development of translation. It gave rise to early theorists of translation, like, Etienne Dolet.

The profession of translation became significant in the comprehension of historical and religious documents and texts. However, several times, it also made many translators risk their lives, for instance, the case of William Tyndale, a famous scholar, and English translator, who was executed in 1536 in Holland due to his attempts to translate the Bible into English.

Conclusion – The history and evolution of translation is pretty interesting. We are aware of many such interesting facts about translation as we area full time certified language translation agency. Need an impeccable translation of a document? Get associated with us or call us at – 888-670-3369.

Things All Translators Secretly Love to Hate about Their Job

Being a translator is not similar to any other profession. Though translators love their job, working from home, living their passion, finding new things every day while doing translation; certain things annoy them. The life a translator is not a smooth-sail.

Let us know what every translator secretly hates.

Foreign Language

Translating free for friends

Translation is a profession, very few people choose. So, often translators stay only one among their friends who speaks a foreign language. What can be better? But, language difficulties often arise when visiting a foreign restaurant, checking out a movie in the second language, going overseas for a vacation. In such condition, a translator remains the only person, well versed in a foreign language, in the group. As a result, s/he becomes the smartest person who has to ask for directions, translate menu cards, make an introduction, and so on.

Tight deadlines

Very few translators get the luxury of choosing projects and clients, they want to work with. Almost all translators have to face tight deadlines in their profession. Working for professional language translation services demands multiple things, like deliver high-quality translations, meet the deadlines, re-edit the work done if client demands. To make a balance between work a professional life, translators require a speedy and effective mode of working. A quality translation demands time, and in order to meet deadlines, translators often need to sacrifice their social life.

Late payments

Unpaid invoices and late payments from clients is a real problem for translators, especially for freelance ones. Many times, translators wait for a client to pay for the projects, they have diligently delivered on time. After all, translators also have bills to pay.

People who think translation an easy task

Not everyone who speaks more than two languages can be a translator. Right? People who are least familiar with the task and profession of a translator often assume that being a translator is so easy, it is just a hobby. Translating a document require more than extracting the literal meaning of a document. It demands to fulfill the expectation of a client, being well versed in a variety of translation services, deliver quality work and meet the deadlines. It is no cake walk.

Conclusion – We know many such interesting facts about translators as we are a full-time translation agency. We have a team of knowledgeable and experienced translators who can translate in more than 30 languages. Need help in translating a document? Get associated with us and call at – 888-670-3369.

Expand Your Reach with Portuguese Translation Services!

Language Oasis is proud to have Portuguese speakers with native fluency, who have deeper understanding of the Portuguese cultural variations. This also enables them to offer best Portuguese-English and English-Portuguese interpretation, translation and training in professional atmosphere.

Being a top-notch Portuguese translation company, we have been assisting several clients with Portuguese translation services at very feasible rates. Our Portuguese interpreters are highly experienced and professional in translating for different language pairs. This helps us satisfy multi-faceted language requirements of our global clients.

Portuguese language translation is our forte; however, converting the content in a particular language to another language is not a cakewalk. We at Language Oasis have a team of industry experts and experienced Portuguese language translators for smooth operation of our business.

Expand Your Global Reach with our Portuguese Translation Service

There are myriads of languages spoken and written all across the globe. It becomes quite difficult for any business to provide information in all languages at affordable rate, especially if that company is an e-commerce one and operating in multiple countries. This is where translation services come to the fore in eliminating the language and cultural barrier.

At Language Oasis, we ensure that you get accurate translation of your business for you to deliver precise information at lightning speed. Because a quality translation helps you in:

Reach out your Target Audience

Create a platform that helps you connect millions of users all around the world.  With the help of translation, you will be able to target your potential customers who are looking to buy and you just need to introduce your product or service in their native language.

Shooting up Market Potential

Why not translate your business and fabricate an effective marketing strategy? In order to boost your sales, you need to make your product and the biggest significance of translation is that helps your product speak for itself and reaching a new marketing potential.

Outpace Competitors

Translation helps in bridging communication gap which further leads to awareness and sales. With the help of translation, you can further expand your business to multiple regions and target a wider range of audience. Moreover, translation also helps you in building brand loyalty and a big customer base.

If you got any more questions, you can call 888-670-3369, and one of our Support team members will be more than glad to assist you. Our knowledgeable Support team can also be reached via email at support@languageoasis.com, or via LIVE chat on our website: www.languageoasis.com.

Quality Professional Chinese Translation- Only for You!

If you are looking for a quality Professional Chinese translation service to step in the markets of China, you have come to the right place. Language Oasis offers quality translation at a competitive price. Our professional Chinese translational specialties are simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese. Language Oasis’s aim is to provide quality Chinese language services to manufacturers, financial entities, traders and medical companies.

Language Oasis is a leading professional Chinese translation service provider. We deliver fast, reliable and accurate professional translation services at affordable prices to and from Chinese. We at Language Oasis excel in high-volume and complex professional Chinese translations, providing faster turnaround times at much more competitive rates.

Why Use Our Translation Services?

Our Chinese translators are professional native Chinese translators with up-to-date knowledge in various fields like business, technical, law, finance, and IT. We provide:

  • 5-star Quality
  • Certified Translators
  • On-time Delivery
  • Thousands of Satisfied Clients
  • English to Chinese specialties
  • Chinese to English specialties

Chinese- English Translations

Language Oasis is the specialist in simplified Chinese to English and English to simplified Chinese translation services. We at Language Oasis offer high quality, certified translations at affordable rates. We have expert translators in both simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese, and can also offer accurate affordable translations in all the regional dialects from China and Taiwan.

All of our translation processes and systems are ISO certified and our linguists are highly skilled within the translation industry and our systems of in-house testing and validation ensure clients get the highest quality translation.

Know What You Need- Simplified or Traditional Chinese?

How is Chinese written? Well, it is written with thousands of unique characters called ideographs. These characters comprise of two elements- a significant, which exemplifies the meaning of a word, and a phonetic, which indicates the sound. Around 40 years ago, the new government of the People’s Republic of China decided to simplify the written Chinese language so as to make it easier for the general so as to make it easier for the general population to become literate.

Applications of Chinese Translation Services

Technical Translation

Backed by comprehensive network of industry specialists, we at Language Oasis translate all types of technical brochures, system requirement documents, installation instructions, data sheets and much more.

Certificate Translation

Be it any type of document that requires translation, we at Language Oasis are a one-stop shop for all of your translation specific documents. Our team excels in the translation of adoption, death, marriage, immigration certificates and so on.

Tourism and Hospitality

Associated with a number of high-end agencies, hotels, car rental agencies, booking and reservation agencies, we look to deliver error-free and authentic translation services to the clients in a short period of time.

Be it professional Chinese translation or any other certificate translation, we are ready to assist you. Need help with translating a document? Email at support@languageoasis.com or phone at 888-670-3369.

3 Industries That Can Benefit from Language Translation Services!

We are living in a world where most of the cities of the world have turned into global communities. People from various countries living or visiting the same geographical area are a part of global communities interacting with each other. Sometimes, communication becomes a major concern for people to lead their routine life without nay hassle. Here, translation and interpretation services can help people to make their life easy. The top-notch industries that majorly make products and services more accessible and useful to their customers should make use of language and translation services in order to make their products and services more familiar to their customers.

There are myriads of industries that can benefit from translation and interpretation services:

Life Science and Medical Industry

Life science and Medicine is an industry where translation and interpretation services are a real help. Accurate translation of doctor manuals, medical records, patient records, medical reports, leaflets, and prescription information really helps healthcare companies to provide world class information. Pharmaceutical companies that need to expand their business internationally find translation and interpretation services quite helpful.

Finance and Banking Industry

When we talk about global trading environment, Finance and Banking sector play a crucial role. Therefore, in order to attain new customers in foreign countries and accomplish high level of consistency, banking and financial service use translation and interpretation services to make their communication much more effective. This helps them with strengthened relationships and trust with potential clients.

Travel and Tourism Industry

With the assistance of translation and interpretation services, travel and tourism industry has witnessed an upswing in their revenue generation. It is the translation and interpretation service that has enabled them to provide information in various languages. Businesses operating in this sector translate their travel documents, brochures, leaflets and condition documents in many languages so as to offer remarkable services to their foreign customers.

How will you identify whether the translation vendor you have chosen is ideal for your business or not? Well, a little bit of research can help you in discovering a professional company. A professional translation company will have a team of knowledgeable and experienced translators who understand your business needs. However, Internet too will help you in finding out a professional company. Therefore, make sure that you do extensive research before hiring translation and interpretation services.

10 Times Pinterest Gave You Major Logophile Goals

Some people love words. They are delighted by the onomatopoeia elements in ‘sizzle’ or amused by the music in the word ‘serendipity.’ Logophiles keep learning new words and phrases. The beauty of the intricate words, idioms and phrases amaze them. So, where do these lovers of language gather on the internet? Pinterest can be an excellent place to start, collect, pin and make a board of your favorite boards.

If you are interested in learning cool words, these pins from Pinterest will amuse your inner Logophile. Read on!


Have you ever boondoggled to impress your boss? If not, now you will!


This word perfectly describes a person who is devoted to eating and love devouring food in great quantities. So, next time you invite your edacious uncle at dinner, reserve some food for yourself!


Do you possess a sound knowledge of what to do and the ability to handle social situations excellently? If yes, you are the best example of savoir-faire!


Trivial, useless, worthless, nonsense…all these words are very similar in meaning. However, if you are a Logophile, you should start using trumpery instead.


Let us accept the fact – we all have wonder wall at some point in our lives. We all adore someone so much that we constantly keep thinking about them, infatuated with them. Isn’t it?


Akrasia is a philosophy which describes the weakness of will. We all have akrasia inside us; only it differs in degree.


If you are a Logophile, this word will be your favorite. After all, you must have argued with your friend about the Latin and Greek roots of the words.


Derived from a Greek word, Heuristic describes a method you acquire from experience that enables you to think through things.

Belle ame

This French word translates to – ‘beautiful soul.’ The word is as beautiful as its meaning.


Isolophilia perfectly describes the feeling of introverts who often find more comfort in the company of solitude.

Conclusion – We are aware of many such interesting and beautiful words as we are a full-time translating agency. A full-time expert team of translators diligently perform the task of impeccable translation. They are well-versed in different genres of translation and can translate a document in more than 30 languages. Be it notary translation services or legal document translation, we are efficient to fulfill your all translation needs. Want to get associated with us? Email us at support@languageoasis.com or phone at 888-670-3369.