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The professional language translators provide high-quality, accurate and affordable language translation services while maintaining the originality and the authenticity of the documents. They keep the document confidential while doing their work. The translators are industry leaders in providing accurate and reliable translations for businesses of all sizes.

The team of linguists have years of experience working with major corporations to ensure your message is communicated accurately across borders. Whether it’s a website, marketing materials or technical documentation, they can help. No matter what industry you are in or where you need your documents translated, the experienced and professional translators will work with you to create a custom solution that meets your needs and budget.

Why are professional language translation services required?

Professional language translation services are required when your message is important and needs to be conveyed accurately and you can communicate with people around the world.

  • The team of professional language translators consisting of expert translators, language experts and subject matter experts helps us provide the most effective online language translation services. The translators can translate literary, audio and video content, keeping its tone, consistency and essence intact.
  • The language translators take care of everything from start to finish, including proofreading and editing before delivery. They look into every kind of project, from simple website localization projects to an entire marketing campaign across multiple languages. They are responsible for translating each piece of content into its target language. 
  • You can trust experienced professionals with every project because they are native speakers who understand all aspects of their target audience’s culture. They will deliver an accurate final product that reflects your brand’s tone of voice while maintaining consistency throughout the entire piece. 
  • Whether it be for business or personal use, the language translators offer a wide range of industry-specific translations, including legal, marketing & advertising, medical & pharmaceutical. These translators are perfect for any industry looking to expand its reach globally. 
  • The professionals only deliver accurate translations on time with no errors or omissions. So the experts can also be trusted with on-time delivery.
  • It is important for companies to communicate their message in an understandable way across different cultures to reach more people worldwide. The language translation service providers fill this requirement and do their best in communicating the companies’ objectives across nations.
  • The translators do their work with utmost confidentiality, so the rest is assured knowing that your project is safe in their hands. Whether it’s literary, audio or video translations, they have the capabilities to provide practical solutions across all mediums.
  • Businesses know how crucial it is to maintain the original essence of what you are trying to say in other languages, so to ensure that there aren’t any misunderstandings when people read or hear your message in their native tongue, companies hire professional language translators.

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Language Oasis: One-Stop Solution for all Language Translation Services

In the industry of language translation and interpreting, it is quite common to come across words like translation, internationalization and globalization. With around 6900 languages in the world, the translation industry is a constantly growing industry with almost infinite potentials.

Going at a Global Level?

‘Going global’ used to be a hot potato a few years back but now it has become much of a way of life. This is because now access to communication is quicker, cheaper and easily available, allowing people all across the world to communicate directly with each other.

The Need of Translators and Interpreters

People cannot ignore the fact that there must be a person or someone to interpret or translate various languages so that people can officially understand each other with clear and distinct meaning. And this is where translators and interpreters play a significant role. Whether it is a thick catalogue of products written in different languages, transactions, agreements or contracts; a good translator plays a tremendous role in getting all important documents translated accurately. Because if communication breaks down, international commerce will tend to fall and financial loss might occur.

Your Business is secured with Notary Translation Services

Notarization is a common demand in the language industry for translation used for official purposes. So when it comes to notary translation services, you must understand the importance of getting the best provider. A notary public is authorized by the government so as to validate legal formalities that comprises of notarized translations. The notary public is more about the translator’s identity instead of the quality of translation.

Language Oasis Provides the Best Translation Services

Language Oasis is one of the most reliable sources for online translation services. The staffs of potential certified translators at Language Oasis possess extensive experience to get your work done on time with a superior accuracy. In addition to it, the customer support staff is also available to you on every step of the way. Language Oasis offers certified translation services of different types of documents required by the government agencies, employers, universities, and hospitals in the US and abroad. We at Language Oasis maintain the highest level of integrity with our much valued clients.  

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Language Oasis: Ameliorating the Translation and Interpretation Services

The world is becoming increasingly globalized and nations are more efficiently connected than ever before. Many non-English speaking people from all across the globe are immigrating to the United States every day in search of brighter opportunities, which clearly states that the translation and interpretation services are required in myriads of sectors.

We at Language Oasis have taken big headways in the world of translation so as to become a pioneer in providing professional certified translation and interpretation services. Language Oasis is among the fastest growing interpretation service providers, who are popular to provide exceptional services with fast turnarounds. Language Oasis is well-known to diminish the complexities by offering precise interpretation services. The cognition, expertise, and the industry-centered vocabulary of the professional writers at Language Oasis ensure accurate use of words, and minimal call times.

Interpretation Services

Language Oasis gets you covered no matter what industry you are into. Language Oasis works for diverse range of industry sectors like:

  • Government Agencies
  • Educational Institutions
  • Travel, Tourism and Hospitality
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Finance and Banking
  • Insurance
  • Courts and Legal Systems
  • Telecommunications
  • Retail and Customer Service

Contacting Language Oasis gives you quicker customer support with quality services.

The number of people employed in the translation and interpretation services has doubled in the past seven years, and the number of companies in this particular industry has witnessed an upswing of 24%. Regardless of whether you are a business owner, an entrepreneur or someone who is looking to expand their reach to the global market, language translation and interpretation services might help you avoid the language barrier. Right from a conference, a business meeting to a medical appointment, or a social gathering, interpreters at Language Oasis can help you expand your network.

Translation Services

Shedding light over our translation services, we have translators in more than 60 languages so s to make sure that work is done at its best. We provide certified translations of various documents like:

  • Power of Attorney
  • Transcripts
  • Court Orders
  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Divorce Certificates
  • Medical Records
  • Bank Statements
  • Tax Return Forms

As far as the certified translations are concerned, Language Oasis charges a low rate of $27 per page with a maximum of 250 words per page. For the business translations, we charge $0.10 per word. In both the cases, Language Oasis services can be availed with no other hidden charge or fees. The translated document is delivered to you via mail or even posted in your account that you create with Language Oasis in the PDF format.

Language Oasis is always available to answer any of your questions, whether via live chat on our website, email at or phone at 888-670-3369.

10 Funniest #translationfail Tweets You Shouldn’t Miss

Would you blame it on God for not creating a single language for the entire world? Well, it appears to be too late for you thinking about the fascinating nature of communication between people of diverse backgrounds, origins as well as languages from all across the world.  And in today’s modern world, translation companies have played an essential role in connecting different people by promoting mutual understanding irrespective of their linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

Moreover, comprehensive study of the art of translation necessitates more attention because it makes way for global interaction and provides an excellent opportunity to experience socio-cultural study of several languages along with their literature. So, what happens when you don’t take the help of professional translations services? Blunder happen! And sometimes these blunders are hilarious.

No Nonsense!

Whenever you are on the beach, do remember this.

Feel It

Have you got any feelings for the order?

Might Be Tasty 😋

Something that you would not even find in Great Britain


I think throwing papers will not help.

Keep an Eye

Do keep a check on it.

What’s Cocking?

A different kind of a summer camp

Natures Call Is Important

All you need is a breath of fresh air after “civilized urinating.”

Is There Any Problem?

Eat them and take all their problems away from them.

Boling Hot

You need to try this at least once

What’s On Your Mind?

Well, it’s in the heart.


5 Common Misconceptions About Translation You Don’t Know

Professional Language Translation

Without translation, I would be limited to the borders of my own country. The translator is my most important ally. S/he introduces me to the world.– Italo Calvino

In today’s connected world, skilled translators and interpreters play a significant role in bridging the gap that language creates across the world. However, unfortunately, several myths and misconceptions persist about them.

Let us clear some common ones of them.

If a person is translator, s/he is an interpreter too

Of course not! Translation and interpretation are entirely two different things. Translation deals with the written texts, while interpretation deals with the spoken language. Translators must have improved writing skills and training in translation. On the other hand, interpreters should have short-term retention and note taking skills to recall the things instantly.

Translation doesn’t take much time

Translators are humans, not robots. So, (in)appropriately, they take required time to translate the documents. On an average, a translator translates around 2,000 – 3,000 words per day.

The need of translation is shrinking

If you think the same, you are wrong. The job market of translation is growing by leaps and bounds. The data by United States Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the job market of translation is expected to grow at 29% from 2014 to 2014! It is much faster than the average rate.

Any bilingual can be a translator or an interpreter

If a person is bilingual, people automatically infer that s/he can skillfully translate, which is totally wrong. Ability to write or speak two languages doesn’t mean that the individual can translate or interpret. The art of translation requires advanced knowledge, degrees, and training in this field.

Translators and interpreters work in more than two languages

“How many languages can you speak?” It is perhaps the most asked questions a translator or interpreter has to face. In reality, most translators & interpreters work only in one way – from one language into another. Moreover, they possess in-depth knowledge of two languages, a lot more than an average person. It is not that easy you think.

We keep ourselves abreast of several such facts and information about translation as our experts are proficient in every branch of translation, be it legal translation or birth certificate translation. Need help in translating a document? Contact us at 888-670-3369.

Philippines – A Reservoir Of Languages And Dialects

filipino language translation

Philippines that consists of over 7,000 islands is also a host of around 170 languages + dialects. Isn’t it amazing? At present, Filipino and English are the official language of the country. However, for many centuries and until the early half of the 20th century, Spanish was the official language of the country. Due to colonial influence, English made a way into the schools and curriculum of the country, but in 1937 steps were taken to develop national language based on the existing native languages.

The widely spoken Tagalog was made the base language, and in 1973, Filipino became the combined official language of the country along with English. Want to know more about the languages of Philippines? Here, we tell you about top widely spoken languages of the country.

Tagalog is the only Filipino language that can generally be spoken and understood around almost every part of the country. Mainly spoken in Manila area and neighboring provinces like Batangas, Nueva Ecija, Laguna, Cavite, etc. this language is spoken by around 28 million people in the country.

Cebuano is the second most spoken native language of Philippines. Majorly articulated in Cebu City and other areas like Butuan, Mindanao, Davao, General Santos City and Cagayan de Oro, around 21 million people are presently using it for discourse.

Ilocano or Ilokano is a blend of several other languages from different countries like Indonesia, Hawaiian, Malay, Tahitian, Samoan and Chamorro of Guam. Mostly used in the Northern part of the country, Ilocano is crowned to be the third most spoken language here with 9.1 million native speakers.

Waray is the fifth most spoken regional language of the Philippines. The name waray-waray comes from ‘waray’ means ‘none’ or ‘nothing.’ It is broadly oral in provinces like Biliran, Eastern Samar, Northern Samar and Eastern Visayas. The language is also used in local government, television and, radio broadcast.

Also known as Ilonggo, Hiligaynon is articulated in Iloilo, Panay Islands, Antique, Bacolod, North & South Cotabato in Mindanao and Aklan. This language is marked by its sweet intonation, and around 9.1 million people speak in all over the country.

Pampangan or Kapampangan is spoken in the province of Pampanga, Southern Tarlac, Bataan, Central Luzon. Kapampangan is one of the major languages of the Philippines that is taught formally in schools and universities. The name of the language has been derived from the root word pampang which means ‘river bank.’

Although Philippines is rich with hundreds of languages and dialects, at present, the main language used is Taglish that is a combination of English and Tagalog. We have many more such interesting facts about translation and language as our experts are adept in Filipino language translation. Need any help in translating a document? Please contact us at 888-670-3369.

Five Most Translated Books Of The World

Most Translated Books

Every language is a world. Without translation, we would inhabit parishes bordering on silence. – George Steiner

The best books of the entire human history are also the most translated copies across the world. No matter what country, community, race, or culture the reader belongs, good books have the power to touch the soul of any reader. However, in this route and relation of a book and a reader; language may come as a barrier. If books are to be enjoyed widely, they need to be translated in different languages. But with thousands of languages in the world, is it possible to translate a single book into so many copies?

Let us explore the answers of this question by collecting information about those books which have been translated in maximum languages.

The Little Prince (French)
Written by the French writer, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince has been translated into around 253 languages. After publication in 1943, this book has sold more than 50 million copies across the world! The book is a poetic tale, and with watercolor illustrations by the author, it depicts the story of a pilot who meets a young prince fallen to the Earth from a tiny asteroid. The book is crowned to be one of the 50 best-selling books ever published.

The Adventures Of Pinocchio (Italian)
Renowned for being one of the most popular children’s storybook on the earth, Pinocchio has had around 240 translations. Written by Italian writer Carlo Collodi, the book is a story of a puppet boy Pinocchio who dreams of becoming a real human boy. Pinocchio is quite famous for his nose that grows longer every time he tells a lie. The popularity of this Italian novel was such that it has also been adapted into film and theaters.

Andersen’s Fairy Tales (Danish)
Andersen’s Fairy Tales is a collection of complete fairy tales written by the Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen from 1835-1852. The book has several interesting tales with pretty titles like “The Little Mermaid,” “The Ugly Duckling,” “Snow Queen” and so on. The book has around 159 translations in the world.

The Adventures of Tintin (French)
The Adventures Of Tintin is a series of comic albums depicting the heroic adventures of a young Belgian reporter named Tintin. Written by Belgian writer Georges Rem in 1929, this story has been translated into approximately 112 languages.

The Alchemist (Portuguese)
Written by Brazilian author Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist has been translated into approx. 80 languages. Published in 1988, The Alchemist is a story of a shepherd boy named Santiago who is following his dreams travelling from his home Spain to Egypt.

Language used to be barrier once. However, since the time translation came into being, this barrier has been forever removed. We understand the significance of translation and so do our experts. From books translation service to legal translation services, we are adept in every genre of translation. Need any help in translating a document? Please contact us at 888-670-3369.

Five Surprising English Words You Didn’t Know Come From Portuguese

Portuguese translation

It was the 15th century when Portuguese sailors and navigators started exploring the other parts of the world. Getting around from Africa, China, India, South America to the Middle East, they laid the foundation of a large Portuguese colony. Playing major role in world affairs, Portuguese came into contact of several cultures, traditions and languages. It was the reason that some Portuguese words found their way into English language and became part of its glossary.

Here are five interesting English words that have been derived from Portuguese. Let us go through them one by one.

While talking about the Portuguese originated English words, first comes Albino which comes from albo means ‘white.’ In English, it means – a person or animal having a congenial absence of pigment in the skin and hair. This word is also used to refer to any abnormally white animal or tiger.

The word Dodo originated in the 17th-century from Portuguese ‘doudo’ means ‘simpleton.’ Dodo, as most people recognize was a long-extinct, flightless bird who once populated the island of Mauritius. As the bird had no fear of man, when Portuguese and Dutch sailors arrived there (in the starting of the 16th century), it got easily killed, and the population of the bird rapidly dropped off leaving it extinct. Hence the bird got its name. In contemporary English, Dodo is used to refer anything extinct. The word also appeared in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll as idiomsdead as dodo (referring to any obsolete thing.

The word Fetish has been derived from Portuguese word ‘feitiço’ that means ‘charm,’ ‘sorcery.’ Originated in the 17th century, the word referred to an object used by the people of West Africa as an amulet or charm. Interestingly the word feitiço itself has been derived from the Latin factīcius that means artificial.

The word Joss originated during the early 18th century from Portuguese word deos means ‘God’. Today the word refers to a Chinese god or idol. The Portuguese word deos has itself been derived from Latin deus.

I’d like to make a tempura batter to deep fry fish at home.” – Marco Pierre White in Marco’s Clinic.

Tempura is a Japanese dish of vegetables, shrimp and other seafood deep fried after dipping in a batter. However, the word itself is not Japanese. Its history dates back to mid-16th century when the country came into contact with Chinese and Dutch traders. The concept of batter frying was lent to Japanese by Portuguese. The word tempura itself comes from Latin ‘Tempora’ that means the Ember Days when Catholics abstain from eating meat.

Conclusion – The journey of these words is quite interesting. We have many more such words in our kitty as we employ full time in translation services. Need any help in translation of any Portuguese document? Get it done with our professional Portuguese translation services. Call us at – 888-670-3369.

Five Beautiful Chinese Words That Cannot Be Translated Into English

Professional Chinese Translation

Every language holds an essence in itself which can never be translated. And when it comes for Chinese language, it is all the more truthful. Even if you don’t have any hint about Chinese language, you must be aware how different it is from English and other Western languages. A completely different grammar, a unique tone, and an inimitable writing system make this language poles apart from any other language in the world. Due to China’s outlandishly ancient culture, Mandarin (standard Chinese) preserves a number of untranslatable collection of beautiful words that cannot be deciphered even with the help of professional Chinese translation.

Let us learn a few of them.

Literally, this word means regarding somebody as an outsider or to act like an outsider. However, in authentic Chinese, it denotes the act of treating someone as an outsider who is supposed to be your friend, especially by being too courteous. Have we any exact word for this act in English?

Xiǎo chī
If you will search the meaning of this Chinese term in dictionary, you will find results as ‘snacks’ or ‘refreshment.’ However, this word is something more than that. Xiǎo chī refers to small portions of meal, means something between a snack and a complete meal. For example a large bowl of noodles or a platter full of dumplings which is neither too small to be called snacks nor too large in portions to be called a meal. See how many words we need to describe the meaning of Xiǎo chī in English!

The literal meaning of Xīnkǔ is ‘with much toil,’ ‘laborious.’ But when you delve deeper for the authentic meaning of this word, it is used to refer to somebody’s hard work for the purpose of thanking them.

Téng has been derived from téngtòng which is a fixed phrase that means both hurt and pain. If suffixed with certain Chinese terms, they produce different meanings like xīntòng which refers to something that makes you sad or take pity on something.

Sā jiāo
‘To act like a spoiled child’ or ‘to throw tantrums’ are the meanings you get while looking for the meaning of sā jiāo. But the word is encapsulated with something deeper and requires some more words to describe the exact connotation. It is especially used to delineate a grown up woman pouting in anger and tramping her feet in order to get her demands fulfilled. Next time you see such a woman, you have an exact Chinese word to describe her action.

Conclusion – Need to get any important Chinese document translated in your language or vice versa? Get it done with the professional Chinese translation service with Language Oasis. We offer accurate Chinese translation of any document. For any assistance in translation of any type of document, call us at 888-670-3369. Xie xie!

Seven Simple Legal Terms You Should Know

legal document translation

Whenever you meet a lawyer, what is the most striking thing you find? Of course, it is their language which remains full of complex legal words/terms. For lawyers, it is a common thing, however, for a common human who has no relation to lawsuits, it gets quite difficult to comprehend the meaning of those terms.

Being an informed citizen, you must know at least the basics.

In this post, let’s learn the meaning of some common legal terms.

A defendant is a person/entity accused of a crime in criminal prosecution and defends himself/herself in a law suit. In some states, the defendant is also called the respondent, which means the personal responding to the appeal.

Cause of action
A cause of action is a set of elements enough to justify a right to sue. This term also refers to the legal theory upon which a suit is filed. There are several reasons for which a plaintiff files a suit. A cause of action is divided into various elements which must be proved in order to win the case.

No, it is not the normal damage that you are getting here. In legal world, damage refers to the amount of money a client recovers or in other words, compensation a plaintiff is offered with in a lawsuit. Damage has been further categorized into various types like economic damage like lost profit or special damage like ambulance charges.

Sounds something serious, doesn’t it? And indeed, the meaning of this legal word is serious. Felony refers to a crime sufficiently serious to be punishable by death or prison of a minimum one year in state or federal prison. Felonies are sometimes also referred to as ‘high crimes’ (U.S. Constitution). Usually, crimes like arson, rape, murder, kidnapping, fraud are included in felony.

A docket refers to the following things in judiciary system:

  • The way a court keeps record of a case.
  • List of cases on a court calendar.
  • Trial list.
  • Brief notes (written by the court clerk) stating the court action of a the day.
  • Name of the case that has to be listed for trial.

It is your liability to understand the meaning of this term. One of the often used terms, liability, means the responsibility of the defendant for the damages/injuries suffered by the opponent. In simple words, liability is the legal responsibility for one’s acts.

Negligence is a failure to exercise the reasonable care that results in harming another party. There are two types of negligence – 1) A person does something/take action which a reasonable person would not do. 2) A person fails to take actions that a reasonable person would take to prevent the harm/crime. The most common example of negligence is harsh driving.

Got a critical legal document you can’t understand? Get it translated in your language with Language Oasis. We offer quality legal document translation services to make sure your legal processes run smoothly without the language barriers. For any assistance in translation of any type of document, call us at 888-670-3369.