Exploring the Irish English Language

There are about 50 English speaking countries, and the language is the third most common primary language in the world. Owing to its widespread use, the English language sees a variety of new words and phrases that comprehend the culture of the country. On the same lines is the Irish English. The language spoken in Ireland is very vibrant and colorful. Here are some wonderfully colorful Irish English words that will help you understand how the language changes with demographic.


We are often short of words when we are excited or experience strong emotion for something. Irish people have a defined word for such a feeling, and it is “Arrah.”


Feeling unsteady or wobbly is called “Bockety” in Ireland. So, when in Ireland and you feel unsteady about something, Bockety is the word you need to utter.


Irishmen have their own noun to refer a girl or a young woman, “Colleen.”


Irish people use fáilte in place of welcome to either welcome guests at home or to show their gratitude to someone who helped them.


In good humor, we all sometimes refer our friends as foolish. But, there are some foolish or pretentious people, and in Irish English, such people are described with a noun “Gobdaw.”


Who doesn’t likes to go to a wild or noisy party? In Ireland, such parties are referred with a noun “Hooley.”


No one likes a mean, unpleasant, or contemptible person, but we all have to face such people now and then. In Ireland, people have a different term for such a person (a noun), “Louser.”


We all are superstitious in a certain way, and our superstitious beliefs are referred with a noun “Pishogue” in Ireland.


We all encounter an untrustworthy or cunning person. Irish people mention such a person with the noun “Sleeveen.”


There’s always something that we cannot recall, or we don’t know about, or we don’t wish to specify. So while explaining such a thing to someone, Irish citizen use a term “Yoke.” It is a noun which helps them cover-up for something they forgot or don’t want to discuss.

Final Words

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