Foreign Phrases that We Use Every Day in English

Languages grew and expanded with human civilization. With about 6500 spoken languages in the world, it is hard to imagine the influence that world languages have a hand on each other. Every language takes certain words or phrases from another to complement them. On the same lines is the English language that is riddled with foreign words.

You do not even know that there are many phrases that we use in literature and everyday speech. Thus, it is very important that you understand every phrase or word that you speak or read.

Here are some foreign words/phrases that we commonly use in our everyday conversation.

Bon Voyage

This French word finds mention in so many places, be it movies, novels or everyday conversation. Its meaning, “have a nice trip” makes it quite a cliché to be often used whenever we want to wish anyone a safe and comfortable journey.

Bona Fide

Everyone who has completed some sort of paperwork related to education, bank, property, and other must be aware of the term. This Latin word meaning “genuine” made it to the English language.

Faux Pas

Today people are more active on social forums than in person. So, there’s no doubt as to why this French term meaning “a social blunder” is so commonly used around. Celebrities are especially under fire for their social behavior, and their every mistake is noted as a ‘faux pas.’

Modus Operandi

This Latin term means “method of operating,” which is why it makes it into the everyday style of conversing. Whether you are preparing a plan of action for the workplace or how to finish things at home, you will have a method of operating or to say a modus operandi.

Status Quo

This Latin word signifies “the existing condition,” which makes it clear as to why we find it mentioned in books, cinema, and social circles. In fact, the word is used so often that people have developed a habit of signifying every existing condition as status quo.


These phrases also throw a glimpse on how the languages have evolved over the years. The world is very diverse with language changing from places to places. Thus, it becomes essential for you to look for language interpretation service fo an easy and comfortable overseas tour. Give a call at 888-670-3369 to know more about translation service.

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