Beware! Hilarious Translation Fails Ahead

Warning: They are awkward too. You won’t stop laughing. 

Why do you think translation came into being? Trade.

Nations who wanted to trade with each other found it difficult to communicate. They started spending months in different places and subsequently learning the native language. Interpreting for communication purposes is likely to have evolved as the art of Translation that later emerged as a carrier of a merger between various cultures. Too serious a topic to think of, ain’t it?

Translation is an art. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. There are experts who do it. If the translation is side tracked to be done by machines, results might be hilarious and the seriousness converts into mirthful blunders.

Let’s give our stomach muscles a ride on laughter.


This homemade jam tastes like grandma. Wait. What did we just read?


Mind it!

Keep your dumb business with you! Oops.

Mind it

A pool of human lives

Do not miss to read> you’ll find all the detailed.

pool of human lives

Instructions did right

Just do as it says, got it?

Instructions done right

Very serious indeed!

It can lead to serious consequences. Translators, are you listening?

Very serious indeed

Too  much of warmth to handle

We just had a translator face heart attack after reading this.

Too  much of warmth

Be considerate. Grass is Dreaming

Dare disturb and you will face the wrath of heaven!

Grass is Dreaming

What if it’s crap? It’s fresh

After all, freshness is all that you should care for.

It’s fresh

Even I don’t know mine!

It’s magical.

It’s magical.

This cannot be Edison.

Edison, it’s good you are dead before seeing this. You are being defamed!


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