5 Filipino Words That Should Have An English Equivalent

Filipino, also known as Pilipino, is the national language of Philippines. Along with English, Filipino has been designated as the official language of the country. Every language has a history and so has Filipino. It was derived from Tagalog, the most widely understood language in the Philippines. However, with time, the language evolved and there were various Spanish and English words introduced to it. This evolved language was termed as Filipino as it turned out to be a more convenient and commonplace version.

Filipino is the language of emotions. Some of the most beautiful words describing emotions belong to this language of Philippines. These words are such exact matches for our emotions that they make us feel an intense urge to replicate these words in English, a rather understandable language for all.

Learning various languages is fun and acquainting yourself of some of the most beautiful words of that language is even more fun. Let us find out some of the sweet-sounding words of the Filipino you will wish had English equivalents.

Noun. The outfit worn within private space and avoided for public appearances.
This translation couldn’t do justice to the meaning. It basically means your baggy clothes you wear at home. Remember those pair of shorts and shabby tee-shirts you love to slip into as soon as you are home? Yes, that’s what the Phillipines call Pambahay. We so need an English equivalent because we love those grungy clothes we wear at home but calling them grungy just doesn’t serve the purpose.

Interjection. Used to express frustration over something you have just missed.
This is a super needed word. Imagine a situation when you are hurrying up to catch a bus. You reach at the bus station and as soon as you reach, you see the bus departing from the station. How frustrating, isn’t it? And all we can say to express it are some *abuse* words. However, there has to be something that describes it well. This frustration is supreme and needs justice. That is where “Sayang” comes in.

Noun. A fake tantrum thrown to evoke apology from someone.
Ah, this one’s going to be a favorite. You encounter such “drama” (as we call it) just every other day. Sometimes from our moms and most of the times from our partners, we come across Tampo so frequently that it is a necessary word.

Noun. The emotion of anger upon vengeance.
Can you relate to the feeling that emerges when you are at the receiving end of vengeance? That is Pikon. Such apt description of this type of anger makes things easier to express.

Noun. The extreme urge to cuddle (almost squeeze) something or someone when the object is either cute or irritating or both.

Where do the Philippines bring such accurate depictions from? Probably because they have mastered the expression of emotions. Remember that feeling when you see an adorable baby? You feel that urge to squeeze the baby hard. That is Gigil. Also, that feeling when a baby is too irritating (yet cute), you feel a similar urge. That is Gigil.

Filipino is a beautiful language. However, translating these words was a tough call, indeed. If you tried google translator or some amateur translator to translate these words for you, you could never have realized the beauty of these words because good translation needs experts and that’s where we come in.

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