This Wearable-Device Translates Your Conversations Real Time

In the world where the barriers of borders and race have begun to blur, there should be no place for barriers of language. When we can travel to countries on the other side of the globe, why should language restrict us from communicating with people on the other end of the globe?

Waverly labs addressed this important issue and took an initiative to change the face of foreign language communication.

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Meet the Pilot:
This man, the creator of the device, calls this device the Pilot. The Pilot is a wearable device that you can put in your ears like earplugs. It is the first smart earpiece that translates language real time while conversations. Two people speaking in two different languages have to plug in this piece and they can hear each other’s sentences in their own language. This master device comes with a handy app that helps you choose between languages and do the settings according to your preferences. The languages that this device is capable of translating are French, Spanish, Italian, and English. Available in three colors- white, red and black, this device is expected to be out in the market in September 2016 at a price of $129. The website is up and running taking orders for the Pilot beforehand. You can book your Pilot on the Waverly labs website and your smart earpiece will be on its way. This groundbreaking innovation is said to have a beautiful background. Read further…

Meet the Pilot

The Story Behind the Pilot
The creator of the Pilot met a French girl and he realized the hopelessness of language barriers. You cannot take a translator with you always. If you want to communicate, you need to be able to speak in the language of the listener. Learning French is not an easy feat. Neither was creating this device! But Andrew chose the highway. He wanted to create something that worked not just for him, but also for the entire world facing the same issue. He thought of this device when he met this French girl.

Story Behind the Pilot

The Video
This powerful video shows how the Pilot blurs the language barriers and how it works.

Is it for You?
The Pilot might not be a device that everyone needs, but it is definitely a great step towards ending the global barriers. While you might still need Language Oasis for your professional translation needs, this device is something that can help people communicate. It cannot perform your Birth Certificate translation, of course, but it can indeed help you understand your friend who speaks foreign language without the need of a google translator every time.
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