Driver’s License Translation- Why Do You needs it?

If you are planning to move or travel to another country, it is vital to understand the driving rules and regulations of that country before you go there so as to avoid encountering legal problems. When you know that you’ll be driving in a foreign country and your personal documents namely your driving license is written in a language which is not spoken in that country, you will have to get a certified driver’s license translation.

What Is a Certified Driving License Translation?

Certified/legal translation has become very important these days due to a lot of reasons such as international trade, the formation of political-economic blocks, tourism, and migration. In general, a certified translation is the official translation of a legal document or any other kind of document which requires legal acceptance, such as a driving license. In some countries like France, Spain, Netherlands, and some other nations, a driver’s license translation is considered to be officially certified if it has been translated, signed & sealed by a “certified translator.” However, this is not the case for the UK, US, and other countries. Here, translation is considered to be certified if it has been signed by the translator in the presence of notary or solicitor, provided the translator assumes all the responsibility for the accuracy of the document. If the document has not been correctly translated, it may lead to the translator being charged with negligence, perjury, or contempt of court. Other than this, it is also possible for the translator or translation service to certify the legal translation by stating their skills & expertise.

Why Do You Need Translation For Driving License?

Having a certified driver’s license translation might be helpful in renting a vehicle or identifying yourself in a foreign country. Whether you’re relocating to another country or travelling just for recreational or business purposes, you should understand the local driving laws of the country you’re visiting. You need to ensure that all your documents are updated and acceptable by the local authorities. The requirements may vary from country to country. If in case you don’t have the proper documentation in the situation of an auto accident or traffic stop, your vehicle can be impounded, and you may face hefty fines or get arrested.

Given that if you’re planning to live in a foreign country for an extended period, you might even have to acquire a driver’s license in that nation. When this occurs, you’ll have to be in a position to prove your identity and that you’re qualified to have a license. In almost all the situations, you will have to present a certified driving license translation and other official documents.

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